E! 50 Super Epic Moments

So excited to be voicing for an E! 2 hour Entertainment Special: “50 Super Epic Moments.” I count down the 50 most super epic moments since 2005. The script is hilarious and highly entertaining. It’s one of those programs that you think you’ll just watch for a minute and end up watching the entire thing and then watch it again when it re-runs and re-runs… and re-runs. Happiness. It premieres June 30th at 9PM and here are a few more dates/times in case you forgot to turn on your DVR:

Also, Neilson ratings from the premiere ranked the show #17  with .545 million viewers. Yup, half a million people heard my voice!

E! Fri, Jul 1                     5:00 PM
E! Sun, Jul 3                  12:00 AM
E! Sun, Jul 3                  8:00 PM
E! Mon, Jul 4                7:00 AM
E! Tue, Jul 5                  9:00 PM
E! Sat, Jul 9                   6:00 PM

About Julie Marcus

Voice-Over Artist, Comic, Actor, Writer
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